Sawn timber

We can offer  spruce and pine of the maximum moisture content of 16-20%, i.e. dried wood which is primarily used in In construction market. We also offer Birch timber (lumber) which is mostly used  in furniture industry. We offer edged and unedged timber. All standard dimensions are available. 

Product photo

Pine and spruce timber:

  • Cutting dimensions :16/75 x 75/250mm
  • Lengths:3000/6000 mm
  • We export FRESH cut and kiln dried KD wood 10-18% +/-2
  • Quality grades:ABCD made from fresh
  • MOQ:1000m3 and up. Good quality, produced with circular saw equipment.
  • We also export sawn DEAD wood main dimension is 35x85x3000/4000mm

Fresh cut or Kiln dried unedged oak, beech, ash:

  • Thikness: 25-65mm
  • Width: min 100 mm
  • Length: mainly 3000 (+50-100) mm (but possible from 1000 mm)
  • KD : 8-10 %


MOQ: more then 1000 m3. WE DELIVER ALL OVER THE WORLD!