Birch plywood

We are proud of the consistent high quality of our products, it is our competitive advantage. The plywood manufactured at our plants is an export level product that complies with the requirements of FSC, CARB and СЕ certification. We value our customers and partners. And we are glad to offer the most convenient terms of mutually beneficial collaboration.

Product photo

Our main products are :

  • INT birch plywood 1525x1525 mm
  • EXT birch plywood 1525x3025 mm
  • Filmfaced EXT birch plywood 1525x3025 mm


  • INT plywood is used in furniture industry, while manufacturing wholesale and unit packaging. This construction material is also required for composite heat insulation. Plywood of high quality is noted for its endurance, form stability and surface hardness. Goods are popular because they are easy to process and assemble. The piece thickness range is rather wide and can make up from 4 to 40 mm.
  • EXT birch plywood is used for the following purposes: External and internal construction works and interior decoration; Furniture manufacturing; As construction materials; Automobile manufacturing; Railway coach manufacturing; Packaging; Flooring manufacturing (parquet, laminated flooring, parquet board, linoleum).
  • Film faced plywood is a top-requested material in construction, furniture manufacturing, internal and external building finishing and also in other production industries. Filmfacedplywoodplaysaspecialrole in construction – in constructional formworks systems installation. Film faced water-resisting plywood is birch or composed veneer the grains of which are in cross coupling, covered with a paper-resin film on the basis of resistant phenolformaldehyderesin. Thanks to the laminated covering plywood has high density and wear resistance and also is capable to withstand heavy loads. The qualitative surface of the film-faced plywood withstands different natural and chemical conditions that makes it multiple use for monolithic and concrete operations possible.


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